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Decorate and Make a Colorful Home with Flowers


Flowers are beautiful and are used in many ceremonies. Their petals and leaves look attractive and colorful. This is the reason why they are used in ceremonies like weddings. Flowers are vegetative making the environment to look beautiful and attractive. When you visit flower gardens, you fill like staying in the garden the whole day. This is because it is attractive to the eye and the environment is fresh and colorful. Some flowers have medicinal value. For this reason it plays a role in human live. In education sector, it is studied in various subjects. This increases knowledge about plants. For more about plant structures, please check out

city of flowers

Steps to take when starting city of flowers garden.

Best grounds. Fertile and good drainage soils are required. It must be a place with good light from the sun. This is to ensure that the flowers hove ultra violet light for photosynthesis process to take place. A leveled ground is also recommended. This reduces flooding when watering the flowers and also for uniform growth of the flowers.

Length of the city flower garden. This is for easy watering and weeding without affecting the flowers. If it is a nursery it should be short on width to allow gardener to easy remove the weeds in the middle of the garden without stepping in the garden. For American grown flowers around homes it needs not to be thick and bushy.

Variety of city of flowers to plant. There are millions of types of flowers in the earth. Decision must be made on which varieties to plant in your garden. If it is for sale, it is best to plant as many varieties as possible. This is because many people love and like different varieties. But if for home decoration look for those that best fit you.

maintaining city flowers

Ways of maintaining city of flowers.

Weeding. Ensure that the city of flowers garden is free from weeds. This reduces competition with the flowers for food and sun light. It also reduces pests that attack flowers from spreading. Weeding must be done regularly to ensure the garden is clean.

Watering daily. Watering the flowers helps to avoid flower withering. Water is essential for the growth of the flowers and during flowering stage. During dry spells it is important to water the flowers in the morning and evening.

Regular pruning. Remove extra and diseases affected leaves and parts of the flower. This reduces spread of pests and diseases as well as avoiding bushy conditions of the flowers.

Mulching. Place dry crass or leaves at the base of each city of flowers. This reduces water loss and smoother away weeds. It also acts as compost manure when it decomposes ensuring healthy growth of the flower.

Top dressing. Flowers are top dressed with fertilizers to ensure faster growth and flowering. Correct amounts need to be applied to avoid affecting the flowers.

Spraying the flowers. Insecticides are sprayed to the flowers to kill and prevent pest attacking the flowers. The concentration of the insecticides is highly considered. This is because it adversely affects the flowers.

In conclusion, flowers are best for decoration in homes and even streets. They are attractive to everyone and are used during a number of ceremonies. Therefore growing and maintaining the flowers recommended for everyone in this globe. Want to learn the language of flowers? Click here.


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